CBD Beauty Miracle Cream


CBD Beauty Miracle Cream is an unapologetic skincare revolution by The Natural Group, delivering essential skin-repairing nutrients with all the wondrous daily elemental stress deflecting benefits. Naturally fragranced with pure cannabis terpenes, our vegan reparative cannabidiol (CBD) enriched cream is a must-have for beauty novices and CBD enthusiasts. Clinically approved to restore the skin’s natural healing process, repairing and soothing symptoms associated 
with inflammation and dryness for healthy, radiant skin.



The unique bioavailable combination of botanicals within our Miracle Cream has been skilfully formulated to contain an impressive 500mg of full-spectrum British grown CBD. Naturally receptive antioxidant and anti-pollution properties of terpenes and cannabinoids within the formula facilitate better absorption and can easily penetrate into the skin for improved efficacy, optimising the skin’s natural reparative and soothing capabilities whilst counteracting the effects of urban oxidative stress.

The Natural Group combines luxury with social and environmental awareness and has formulated CBD Beauty Miracle Cream for intensive daily care. Our favourite non-GMO skin hero ingredient ‘CBD’ stimulates collagen production, working to renew and maintain the skin’s optimal state, while the concentration of natural ingredients soothes irritation, minimising redness and pigmentation due to its potent antioxidant and highly anti-inflammatory properties. CBD Miracle Cream significantly increases hydration and reduces the production of pore-clogging sebum, visibly transforming distressed skin leaving it feeling ultra-smooth, youthful and restored.

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Product Use

Discover The Natural Groups CBD Beauty application methods. Applying your CBD cream to your face protects your skin and gives it all of the care it needs. The Natural Groups application method stimulates the skin’s natural circulation and maintains its firmness.

Topical Application

Apply onto freshly cleansed, exfoliated and toned skin.
With your fingertips, gently warm a pea-sized dose of CBD Beauty cream by rubbing together activating the potent properties of the cream and distributing evenly ready for application.

Massage into the face, neck and décolletage using circular motions, pressing firmly until fully absorbed. Paying extra attention to areas which require extra care i.e. pigmentation, dry skin.

The Natural Group recommends using alongside our CBD Beauty Elixir to boost better penetration of ingredients to the deeper layers of the skin for optimal results.




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